WA Watchcher WA Watcher
the WhatsApp Online Tracker

If you are looking for features like:

  • Online status tracker for WhatsApp
  • Push notifications when online
  • Chat probability between two numbers
  • Full insights of activity

Then you're looking for WA Watcher.

Works for Web, Android and iOS.

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Monitor 2+ numbers.
Are both frequently online?
We use AI to find probable chats.
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Realtime Notifications

Still can't catch that elusive person who doesn't respond to your WhatsApp messages?

With WA Watcher you will be notified exactly when that person comes online!

We use Web Push technology for desktop and Android realtime notifications, and for iOS you will be notified via our Telegram bot.

Online History

Are your children really studying or do they hang out on WhatsApp? Do your employees waste time during their working hours?

With WA Watcher the truth will be known and registered to be consulted whenever you want.

With precision to the second, you can always know when a person was connected to WhatsApp!

Chat Probability

Can't sleep at night because of your suspicions?

Get peace of mind. With WA Watcher you can accurately compare the time two people spend online and find matching patterns.

In addition, our tool uses AI to give you a probability score that two people are having a conversation!


Are you curious to know your habits about the time you spend online? How many times you connect a day? What about someone else's?

With WA Watcher get full insights about WhatsApp usage habits in a fun way.

For example you can find out how long a person slept tonight!

About WATools.IO

WATools.IO is a independant website that brings to you a comprehensive set of handly WhatsApp Tools that can be usefull on certains situations. WhatsApp has some restrictions that can be somewhat annoying, that's why we offer its users some easy solutions to common problems.

In WATools.IO you can, for example, easily download the profile image of any WhatsApp user, as long as their privacy settings allow it. You can also check very easily at any time if a phone number is connected to WhatsApp at that moment, as well as receive notifications when it connects. Or you can check if a phone number is registered or was previously registered in WhatsApp. And we offer all this for free.

It is important to note that WATools.IO is not associated or affiliated in any way with the WhatsApp social network or its creator company, Facebook.